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Texas Mold Questions & Answers from Mold Expert Phillip Fry

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June 16, 2012. I had a leaky chimney for years that allowed mold to grow on the outside of the sheetrock in the chimney chase.  The leak has been fixed by professionals and mold remediation was done by a certified mold remediator on the underside of the sheetrock.  This work was done in November and December 2011.  There is still a strong smell in the house.  How long does it take for the smell of dormant mold to subside?  What can I use to neutralize the smell of dormant mold?

A. When there is mold growth on or in sheetrock, there is NO such thing as doing effective mold remediation of the moldy sheetrock.  When there is mold growth on, in, or on the backside of drywall gypsum board, the drywall needs to be removed, discarded, and replaced.  The area for drywall mold removal must extend four feet from the mold growth, horizontally and vertically to be sure there is no mold cross contamination of adjacent areas. Once the drywall has been removed, then the area behind the removed drywall can be properly and completely mold inspected and mold remediated if necessary. When you can still smell mold in your house, there still is a remaining mold infestation that you need to find and remove. You smell growing mold, not dormant mold.  One area of your house that needs to be mold inspected and tested is your heating/air conditioning equipment and ducts because the mold infestation may have mold cross-contaminated the heating/cooling system. Learn about thorough mold inspection and testing for your house by reading the mold inspection tips and seeing the large number of mold and mold inspection pictures posted on the mold inspection website .  An additional way to kill mold and to get rid of the house mold smell is to buy and use a low cost ozone generator.  Read the 25 steps for safe and effective mold removal. If you have any follow up mold questions, I am to serve you---Phillip Fry, mold expert, Certified Environmental Hygienist, Certified Mold Inspector, and Certified Mold Renediator.

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